The First and Only
Holographic Film
Produced in Turkey

BEP Hologram has broken new ground and has produced Turkey's first and only holographic film. With our cardboard and film materials, consistent lamination and print compatible new holographic films you can create striking designs for your product packaging. Our products stand out with very high ink adhesion, barrier properties and striking designs. We work hard during the production stage to create problem free films and work with you to produce a product that is appropriate for your packaging.

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Hologram Labels

Self-adhesive holograms are the most suitable security labels for general use. While they can be applied manually, the can also be applied using automatic labeling machines. They can be produced in various sizes or as holographic tape. They contain several secuity elements including total and selective release. If requested, laser demetalization, serial numbering, or UPC code can be added as an additional security feature.

Holographic Strips

Holographic Strips (minimum .2mm wide) are produced in self-adhesive form which allow the packaging films to be opened easily. They can contain patterns and text aimed for general use or we can create a custom pattern with special logos, patterns, and other security features.

Holographic Films

These are the types of holograms produced for large size layer laminations on which printing can be applied. Raw material substrates can include BOPP, PET, or PVC. Apart from decorative wallpaper type patterns, holographic films can be custom designed to include product names, emblems, or company logos. Thanks to their impressive design, the films increase the attractiveness of the product at the point of sale, thereby making the product dominate over its competitors. The films can be used for flexibe packaging or paper-carton laminations in the cosmetic, food, cleaning supplies, automotive, or CD/DVD industries.

Hot Stamping Holograms

This is a type of hologram applied to the materials with high circulation such as boxes, documents, flexible packaging, bank cards, ID cards, etc. The application is done in line during the production process and saves time in getting the product to market. The hologram is applied to the desired surface using heat and pressure to transfer the image from a thin carrier to the surface. A hologram having no height and can not be removed from the surface is a secure and attractive application use.

Hologram Shrinks

We produce shrinks with or without holograms for use in application to cosmetic bottles, water demijohn, food jar lids, and LPG tube safety lids. After application the shrink is heated and the shrink band forms to the product that is is applied to. Due to the fact that it is a single use lock and can contain a hologram, the shrink acts as a precaution against forgery and tampering. Shrinks can be printed with customized colors using flexo and tiefdruck printers as the hologram is applied.

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